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As a disorderly, market-leading marketing consultancy firm, we go into an extensive diversity of businesses with the mindset to revolutionize through modernization. What this means to a company seeking a marketing audit is simple; we bring cost-saving prospects, proficiencies, and brand legitimacy across all marketing and communication disciplines.

FiibixTech Solutions is a company with five distinct facets to our business. We are an outsourced marketing division, marketing and agency audit consultancy, a technology developer and implementer, and a media company. We enjoy captivating each of these disciplines, and creating and providing the highest quality and innovative best-practice for our partners.


The marketing world is continuously evolving to keep up to date with the present trends technology creates. Allowing the FiibixTech team to step into your business can be tremendously beneficial as we have the available resources to audit your marketing department and/or agency associations. Our team boasts of engaging expert marketing professionals who will devise a unique marketing strategy for your business’s unique needs. The audit will form what your company’s best practices should be and eventually improve the effectiveness of your marketing outcomes.

FiibixTech’s Marketing Audits Are Best Suited To Three Types of Companies

  • Companies with $3 to $15 million in revenue presently have inadequate marketing resources. These businesses are mostly looking for industry best repetition for high growth prospects and a better sales support structure that includes the building of exclusive sales teams and the enactment of marketing automation.
  • Medium to large corporations seeking to ensure that their marketing budget is applied to the best possible marketing opportunities and associated with the overall business goals. This is especially important to large multinationals, mergers and gaining facilitation, and companies that wish to condense the marketing spend or escalate its value and support to the sales infrastructure of the organization.

Digital marketing audit for companies seeking to determine whether their agencies or in-house digital teams are exploiting the greatest potential of their provided digital marketing spend.

For all marketing audits the budget is between $30,000 and $55,000. This will include the following practices depending on the type of audit conducted:

Data Collection

  • Current marketing resources employed, and events conducted
  • Overview of marketing desires company-wide
  • Internal approach and documentation
  • External offers and output
  • Marketing mix fallouts
  • A sample of security and marketing output
  • Qualitative and quantitative consultations and surveys


  • Upload data to the marketing audit app
  • Analysis of structure and resources
  • Assessment of marketing needs
  • Assessment of marketing mix enactment against industry principles

Recommendations And Reporting

  • Presentation of findings
  • A full report containing analysis and endorsements

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